Tales From The Toy Shop Issue 4. Feb. 2021

We are so exited to introduce you to Lindsay Marentette, ECE educator and Owner/Toy Maker at Lima Bean Toys. She creates beautiful wooden, open ended toys in Denver, Colorado. Lindsay's time in the ECE classroom led her to start Lima Bean Toys. Her toys inspire a child's creativity and imagination. They represent each child and their families which is a value that we share in the shop. We are proud to offer her beautiful creations in the shop and to support a fellow woman owned, small Denver business. I am excited for you to get to know her better!

Q- What is your background as an educator?

LM-I graduated from Fontbonne University in Saint Louis with my degree in Elementary Education. While still in school, I began working in Early Childhood Education and fell in love. I’ve been teaching ages 0-5 years old for thirteen years and just began a new position as Pedagogical Coordinator for a local Early Childhood Program.

Q-Did your experience in the classroom influence your decision to start Lima Bean Toys?

LM-Absolutely! I started creating toys for my own classroom when Covid-19 shut down the school I was working at during that time. After creating my own sets of toys, I was encouraged to create a few custom sets for friends and family and the business grew from there.

Q- What are your values as a brand?

LM-We strive to provide children with engaging materials that encourage their creativity and imagination. We believe all children should have access to toys that feel representative of themselves and their families. Our goal as a company is to combine the two concepts in order to provide these opportunities for children in ways that feel authentic to them.

Q- How did you choose the name Lima Bean Toys?

LM- LiMa is a play on my first and last name Lindsay Marentette.

Q- What is your design process like?

LM-I usually think back to my favorite provocations from my own experience in the classroom and what I would have loved to have had to elevate an idea. Sometimes I read a new book and feel inspired by the characters. However, I also love to receive custom orders for the challenge of creating something new, to help create someone else’s vision.

Q- Why did you choose to create wooden, open ended toys?

LM- I’m passionate about loose part play for young children and how it develops their creativity and imagination.

Q- What are the most important qualities toys should possess?

LM- Authenticity

Q- How do your toys benefit the growth and development of the children who play with them?

LM- Our open ended toys allow children to be creative and lead their own learning in ways that develop autonomy, confidence, and competence.

Q- What are your future goals for Lima Bean Toys?

LM- Our greatest wish would be to have more opportunities to bring authentic toys to children in need of access.



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